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Why Trident?

Lower school student and teacher working together

"I wanted to let you all know the most amazing thing happened last night. Peyton read a book to his granny and me out loud.  We were absolutely stunned that after Summer Enrichment and only two weeks of school, what has seemed impossible for so long is happening.  I cannot believe it! 

As I write this email I am in tears, because to watch your child struggle for so long and to have him not only read, but be excited to read, is the best gift in the entire world.  Every night last week, he made sure he did his reading because he wanted to get a prize at the end of the week.  I didn't have to say anything to him or encourage him. It is something he wants for himself.  Last night he read
If You Give a Pig a Pancake cover to cover -- it's 27 pages.  After 6 pages, I told him that was amazing and, if he wanted to stop, I was OK with that because he had done so well.  He kept going. 

Thank you guys so much -- this is absolutely amazing!  It is like a light switch was turned on in a dark room.  We are so excited for Peyton, and 'thank you' is just too small of a phrase.