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Speaker Series

Trident Academy periodically offers presentations by speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Recent speakers include:

  • Michael G. Thompson, Ph.D.: a renowned clinical psychologist, school consultant, and international speaker with extensive expertise in supporting independent schools and children with learning differences. Dr. Thompson shared insights and guidance about navigating the complex world of education for children with learning differences.
  • Julie Baker, PhD, CCC-SLP, owner of Headway Speech and Language Therapy Services, discussed why learning new words is difficult for students and how to bring these words to life by having fun at home.

  • Katie Hodgson, M.Ed, MA, CCC-SLP, a speech language pathologist who specializes in social competency, emotional regulation and executive function, provided parents with an overview of the components of the social mind and strategies that can support their child's social growth.

  • Dr. William Trebing, a board certified Chiropractic Physician with a specialty in Neurology and Radiology, spoke about the neurology of the child's brain and balance with neurofeedback.

  • Dr. Linda Karges-Bone, an author, professor, and radio host, gave a presentation on the brains of children and how their unique personality and learning styles can be understood and applied for greater personal and family balance.

  • Dr. John Rhodes, the director of the Congenital Heart Disease Program at the Medical University of South Carolina, spoke with students and parents about his personal experiences as a dyslexic learner and physician.